My story

I am Alissa

Born of nature, clear waters and the beauty of life. Form the best we can take. They breathed delicacy and perfection into me in Italy. And I am here for you, my cosmetician. For your ideas and visions. For help and advice. For a moment when there are no worries, no responsibilities. For a moment when there is only a woman and cosmetics.

I am nice, with a perfectly soft texture that calls for a touch. And yet charged with the power of nature that can change a lot. I can do a lot, but I need you to be perfect. Your hands, creativity and experience. The art of guessing at a glance what to do to make the skin perfect. The art of imparting confidence and satisfaction to women.

That is our common wealth. I will be pleased if you decide to discover and also create my world. Communicating a good feeling is the hardest part. But also, the most important. Only then cant he beauty inside fully permeate the surface.

Do you want to create a good feeling with me?